Mark S. Anshan


Mark S. Anshan helps individuals and organizations resolve conflicts in a sensitive and methodical way. Mark manages the process so that the interests of the parties are clearly identified and the issues are well organized. This approach results in a narrowing of the issues that, in turn, leads to an effective process to resolve the dispute. His attention to detail and transparency sets the stage for a successful settlement.

Mark provides sound, reasonable and fair results from Mediation and Arbitration  relying on his over 35 years of hands on experience as a lawyer and senior executive both for profit and non profit entities, including the Canadian foreign service, Canadian advisor at the UN General Assembly, utility, energy and high tech sectors, Jewish non-profit organizations and synagogues.  His background in government, law and business in which he has dealt with a multitude of complex legal and organizational issues, managing large and extensive transformational projects, has given Mark the required knowledge and experience to resolve conflicts by mediation and arbitration.  Please see here for further information.

For further information on Mark’s approach, particularly for non-profit organizations, please see here.