Mark and I became acquainted many years ago because we both serve as national board members for the Union for Reform Judaism (“URJ”).  I have always been very impressed by Mark’s acumen on so many Jewish matters and the fact that he is not afraid to stand up for his convictions.  He understands fully what it means to be a national board member and the commitment that it takes.  As long as I have known Mark, he has shown himself to be a very energetic, outspoken and intelligent member of the URJ Board.  I have also been very impressed on his keen sense of legal matters in the area of clergy contracts, as well as numerous other matters.  In my capacity as general counsel for the URJ, I have worked very closely with Mark. He not only has a keen sense of business affairs and is extremely astute in financial matters, but he conducts his professional life with the same high morals and sense of ethics that he conducts his personal life.  His word is his bond.  His integrity is unmatched. I believe that his high ethical standards and his invaluable experience and knowledge in so many areas relating to clergy contracts and synagogue life, will stand him in good stead to be able to serve parties in conflict when it comes to resolving their disputes.

Norman Leopold
Leopold Korn Leopold & Snyder, P.A.
Miami, Florida

Mark is a very careful listener and someone who understand systems and organizations.  He has lived his life as one who cares deeply about good practice, sound financial management, responsible governance, and accountable leadership.  I have witnessed Mark’s ability to navigate through conflict and bring about resolution, doing so with earned respect and integrity.  Mark is a master at conflict resolution.  No one does it better.

Rabbi Bennett Miller
Senior Rabbi
Anshe Emeth Memorial Temple
New Brunswick, New Jersey

I’ve known Mark for decades and can say that his thoughtfulness, empathy, experience, integrity, and imagination ensure that he can deliver fair and efficient results in resolving even the most complicated of disputes.

Professor Sandford Borins
Professor of Management
University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario

I have known and worked with Mark where there were many complex and demanding organizational issues over many years.  Mark was able to understand the different perspectives on the issues, be sensitive to the personalities involved, come up with reasonable and effective solutions (in consideration of the many alternatives that were available), and then drive home the deal.  He is able to find the common ground and get the various parties talking to each other so a workable solution can be found.  He is conscientious, easy to work with, extremely well organized, and caring.  I have no hesitation in recommending Mark.

David Blinick
Blinco Systems Inc.
Toronto, Ontario

I have known Mark for most of my life and have worked with him in a variety of organizational and non-profit settings. My advice is simply this: if you need help with your organization, go to Mark. He knows how organizations work. He thinks about the big picture, without forgetting the little things. He understands that in great organizations, everyone needs to be, and to feel, valued, engaged, and cared for. He can help organizations that are in trouble or at risk, and he can help current and future leaders to think wisely about leadership, problem-solving, and the importance of carefully-chosen sensitive words. I recommend Mark wholeheartedly.

Rabbi Eric Yoffie
President Emeritus, Union for Reform Judaism
Westfield, New Jersey

I have known Mark for over 20 years. We worked together during the amalgamation of several local electric utilities into Toronto Hydro when Mark was Chair of Toronto Hydro, as colleagues on an energy assignment for the World Bank, and as executives and Board members of the Canadian Association of Energy Services Companies. Mark is the ultimate professional; prudent and pragmatic with his legal and management advice, a leader, highly ethical, reliable, always calm and level headed even in the most turbulent of times and a consummate relationship builder and nurturer.

Alan Levy Ph.D.,
Alan W. Levy Consulting
Toronto, Ontario

I have known and worked with Mark in the not –for-profit area for over 12 years. Over that time Mark and I have become close friends. Specifically, Mark and I were involved for a period of almost four years in Co-Chairing a sub-committee of a major international Jewish communal organization that was going through re-organization and which was looking to the sub-committee to craft a new organizational structure. Mark led the way with his clear analytical approach and his comprehensive knowledge of NGO Constitutions and By-laws. Mark is a clear headed analyst of situations and he is very responsive to diverse viewpoints and inputs; he is a man of principle and integrity and a pleasure to work with and I can confidently and sincerely commend him to others for advice and guidance in the not-for-profit sector.

Ron Finkel LlB (Melb) B Comm (Melb)
Former President Ameinu Australia
President Hadassah Australia
President AUSiMED Limited
Co-Chair Aravah Australia Partnership of the Jewish Agency for Israel
Melbourne, Australia

It gives me great pleasure to add my endorsement to Mark Anshan’s work in the area of non-profits, organizational behavior and conflict resolution. I have known Mark for many years, and our contact was often focused on organizational behavior, and gave me an opportunity to evaluate and value Mark’s deep understanding, principled approach and strategic thinking. His approach is holistic, and takes into consideration both the human aspects and the core values of the organization, with a commitment to advance the mission through creative and strategic avenues, with full integrity as well as care and sensitivity. His experience in all aspects and levels of organizational behavior; local, national and international make him ideally suited to assist organizations as they face organizational challenges, as they review their mission and strategies, or are on the path of growth and development.

Rabbi Uri Regev
CEO, Hiddush
Jerusalem, Israel

I met Mark over 40 years ago, when he was a young 18 year old leader of a multinational youth organization. Mark exemplified a capacity to sit with polarized tension and to help parties with varied interests find consensus. His initial intuition was to listen, deeply. After careful thinking, he calmly helped to clarify and resolve contentious differences. Years of experience as a lawyer, mediator and community leader have only enhanced his genuine compassion and sincerity. Maturity and wisdom are in his back pockets. Conflict resolution is his “raison d’être”.

Margaret L. Herzog, Ph.d
Larchmont, N.Y.

Mark Anshan’s skill set has proven ideal in handling delicate matters in both the for profit and non profit arena. He knows how to balance the gentle with the firm approach and apply the right amount of sensitivity to the situation. Perhaps more than that he gets the desired results.

G. Leonard Teitelbaum
Chairman and CEO
Martin and Teitelbaum, LTD.
Holmdel, New Jersey

Mark S. Anshan is a leader in the true sense of the word. Intelligence, careful consideration, an ethical stance and honor are evident in his work. Not one to take the easy course, he elects the right course instead. In doing so, he is careful to consider all sides of a conflict and takes care to ensure that all parties feel heard and respected. In my dealings with Mark, I have been impressed by his integrity, honestly and care for others. I trust him implicitly.

Earl Lipson
President and CEO
McGregor Industries Inc.
Toronto, Ontario

I am pleased to endorse and recommend Mark S. Anshan to those institutions or individuals looking for a mediator, problem solver, or future planner for their organization or for themselves. I have known Mark through his volunteer work for the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) and when he served as President of Holy Blossom Temple Toronto, Ontario. Mark has the ability to understand complex issues and offer fair and meaningful solutions. He understands the dynamics of non profit institutions as well as for profit organizations. Mark is a problem solver, as well as a creative thinker. Any organization in stress or facing challenging times would be well served by using the skills and services that Mark Anshan represents. He has my full confidence.

Rabbi Arnold I. Sher
Director of Rabbinic Placement, emeritus, Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR)
Bridgeport, Connecticut